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Organizing committee of the Trento Festival of Economics; Autonomous Province of Trento

May 26-June 05, 2011
Trento Festival of Economics 2011 - Festival dell'Economia 2011
Trento, Napoli, Italy
In this sixth edition of the Festival, we will try to enable everyone to form an opinion on the complex questions that define the new borders of free private initiative that are being put in place in various parts of the planet. We will attempt to understand the reasons and highlight the consequences, using, as always, the categories and analytical tools of economists, but also by asking for help from other disciplines, such as law and philosophy. We will introduce, as always, new formats for the debates, beginning with the arguments ???for?? and ???against?? , in which all the participants will be called on to give their opinions on important and complex issues, before and after the debate between the various speakers. This will also allow us to assess the value added of the Festival in changing the perceptions, if not the opinions, of that ever attentive and well-informed public, which for six years now has flocked between May and June to the extraordinary city of Trento. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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