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Athens University of Economics and Business School

July 01-03, 2013
6th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference
Athens, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
Conference theme: social solidarity, equality, diversity and inclusion Streams/Workshop Topics: Stream 1: Politics of Diversity Stream 2: Developments and Consequences of Unintentional and Intentional Biases within Social Networks in the Workplace Stream 3: Coalitions, space and solidarity in a heteronormative society? Stream 4: Gender and Entrepreneurship Stream 5: Dis/ability and Diversity: Organizations as enabling or disabling forces? Stream 6: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in accounting. Stream 7: Vulnerable workers and precarious work Stream 8: Insider/Outsider/Insider: Racial and Ethnic Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Work Stream 9: Gender, power and organizations Stream 10: Creating leaders through the eyes of whiteness Stream 11: Putting intersectionality research into practice Stream 12: The development of inclusive leadership practice and processes Stream 13: Generational Change and Gender in Science Research Stream 14: Nationalisms and the workplace Stream 15: Psychological insights on social solidarity, equality, diversity and inclusion Stream 16: Examining the Criteria for Effective Diversity Learning in the Professional Workplace Stream 17: International mobility: more views from the edge Stream 18: Diversity management and performance Stream 19: National and international thematic perspectives on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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