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Department of Public Economics, Universit?? La Sapienza, Roma

May 05-06, 2011
Workshop on "Equality of opportunity: concepts, measures and policy implications"
Roma, Universit?? La Sapienza, Italy
Submitted papers should address at least one of the following questions: a) with respect to measurement: ?? How to measure the freedom/responsibility elements of opportunity? ?? How to take into account adaptive preferences? ?? How to measure the object of opportunity element: the "what" opportunities are for? ?? How to deal with multi-dimensionality: how to compare and to order different sets of opportunities? b) with respect to public policy, ?? education and training are two uncontroversial policies for equality of opportunity. Yet, should we favour early education and, in this case, of what kind? Should we favour tracking or comprehensive education? ?? Should we render public education compulsory, and, if so, what appear to be the best arrangements? ?? How to improve training for disadvantaged youth? ?? What could be the role of other policies such as equality in income and wealth, inheritance taxation and restructuring of the overall fabric of the socio-economic environment, from labor market and family arrangements to the urban/housing environment? ?? In each case, what is the best policy design in order to advance equality of opportunity? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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