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CESifo Group Munich

July 22-23, 2011
CESifo Venice Summer Institute 2011: Lessons from the Economics of Crime: What Works in Reducing Offending?
Island of San Servolo in the Bay of Venice, Italy
There is still no consensus on the policy tools which are most successful in fighting crime. How important are for example direct (e.g. police, prison, protective measures) and indirect (e.g. education, employment, fertility decisions) levers available to decision makers in reducing offending? One can also ask if it is generally more efficient to focus on general or targeted crime fighting policies. And in the end is it at all possible to prevent or deter offending committed by certain sub-groups of the population? If there is no general agreement on these questions it is partly due to important methodological issues rendering the identification of the effect of the different policy channels which may reduce offending difficult. Economists of crime are actively involved in finding solutions by carrying out research which carefully takes into account problems such as endogeneity, confounding factors, and selection biases. Considering these issues is crucial to estimate the actual direct and/or indirect impact of any policy on offending. The more we are able to understand ??what works?? the more we will be able to make accurate recommendations to minimize the cost crime has in a society. It is also crucial in order to make any credible predictions on the future direction of offending, and to answer such questions as what are the likely short and long term consequences on crime of the policies implemented as a response to the recent economic crisis? The purpose of this workshop is to attract original contributions on these and related issues. All contributions with applied/policy aspects are welcome. Theoretical as well as empirical contributions aimed at delivering policy-relevant results are solicited. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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