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Network for European Social Policy Analysis ESPAnet Poznan University of Economics, Poland

September 05-07, 2013
11th Annual ESPAnet conference "Social Policy and Economic Development"
Poznan, Poznan University of Economics, Poland
Stream Themes: 1. Welfare State in 'New Eastern Europe'. 2. Welfare state in Central and Eastern Europe in the post-crisis period. 3. Designing comparative social policy analysis. 4. 'New' perspectives on pensions and retirement. 5. The role of public pension systems for the long-term sustainability of public finances in European Welfare States. 6. Innovative social and labour-market policies in times of crisis. 7. Gendered Welfare State: Socialism, Post-Socialism, and Post-Postsocialism. 8. Eldercare services in Europe ??? recent developments in European countries. 9. The local welfare state Open or Close 10. Poverty and social assistance dynamics from a comparative perspective. 11. Social Construction of Poverty: Media, Professionals and Public Opinion. 12. Education as Social Policy. 13. Market Inequality and the redistributive impact of public policies - still existing or eroding? 14. Political economy of the welfare state (reforms). 15. Migration and Social Policy: Current Research and New Perspectives. 16. Social investment. 17. Economic Development and Trends in Welfare State Attitudes. 18. Social Workers and Social Policy: New Challenges and a Changing Relationship. 19. Welfare State Building in the Interbellum Period (1914-1940): Defining Years? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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