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TRIGGER project (TRansforming Institutions by Gendering Contents and Gaining Equality in Research)

March 25-27, 2015
International Conference ?? Women in the Academic World
Paris, France
The conference is an action of the TRIGGER project (TRansforming Institutions by Gendering Contents and Gaining Equality in Research). This interdisciplinary conference seeks to map out a comparative international approach to the place of women in different academic disciplines, but also within the administrative staff drawing on existing quantitative data; it also seeks to identify the enduring obstacles in women??s careers, while bringing to light and evaluating the variety of programs that promote gender equality within the university. Scientific questions and themes: - Historical approaches: what are the historical processes that explain the feminization of universities (studies on women ???pioneers?? and their followers)? - Social-historical analyses of women??s careers in higher education. - Social-demographic approaches to the glass ceiling in higher education. - Feminization = devalorization? Women students?? gendered disciplinary and professional orientations. - Women in the sciences and medicine: articulation of professional and private life; the gender of specializations; the effects of gender in scientific and medical research. - Psycho-social approaches: the gendered dimensions of workplace stress. Public policy and political orientations: - What political measures have been enacted and with what result? Evaluation of national initiatives to promote women within the higher education system as well the political and ethical underpinnings necessary for the development of new measures. - Comparison of national and international scholarship on women in the academic world highlighting the obstacles that remain and the measures that have been effective. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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