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Universit? de Nice Sophia-Antipolis

December 06-08, 2007
New migration dynamics: Regular and irregular activities on the European labour market
University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France
The objective of the conference will be to draw up a comparative assessment of the researches carried out of the theme of foreign workers and the new migratory dynamics in Europe, by articulating several angles of approach. On the one hand, taking into account the diversification of the migrants' profiles, we intend to approach this theme according to a gender perspective. The foreigner's activity, seems to be, even more than nationals' one, touched by categorizations focusing on the gender naturalised differences. Meanwhile, official policies tend to reduce sexual inequalities in the main society, the marginal branch of foreign labour, left to the employer's free will, seems to follow another path, enhancing sexual specialization. On the other hand, this gendered dimension is articulated, in analysing the foreigners' work, by an ethnic dimension. Questions related to ethnicity and racism - terms which respectively describes phenomena of identification of the individuals and a brutal classification of foreigners according to their origins - are in effect, just as questions of gender, at the hearth of social relations and, thus, of the management of the various forms of employment, wage-earning or else, which are the purpose of this call for papers. Eventually, many recently conducted studies have underlined the increase of population movements and circulatory migration within Europe. We intend to observe how this ever increasing mobility is connected to the creation and emergence of new types of jobs, unknown until recently and, from the migrants' point of view, to original practices and migratory projects. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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