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INFER - International Network for Economic Research

October 29-31, 2005
8th INFER Workshop on Economic Policy: Competition Policy in Network Industries
London, United Kingdom
Grid dependent sectors play an important role in the provision of competitive market struc?_tures in particular in the enlarged EU and on globalised markets. Recent developments show various differences between national regulatory frameworks in transport, energy and tele?_communications with negative impacts on economic efficiency and harmful effects to the environment. In fact, these deve?_lopments seem to ensure that network industry issues will rank high among researchers and policy makers for the time being. The INFER workshop Competition Policy in Network Industries aims at discussing these issues in a broad sense. The transport sector is characterised by a great variety of differ?_ent regulatory frameworks, reaching from almost totally deregulated markets (e.g. domestic air transport in the U.S.) to markets which are subject to a high degree of economic regulation (e.g. bus transport in some European countries). Therefore, papers on this issue might address all kinds of subjects dealing with antitrust policy, regulation and deregulation in the transport sector. They might focus on different transport modes as well as on problems related to the provision of infrastructure. ... [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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