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Strategic Management Society (SMS); University of Glasgow

June 20-22, 2013
SMS Special Conference Glasgow "Strategy in Complex Settings" - Strategic Management Society
Glasgow, United Kingdom
The Glasgow special conference will focus attention on the unique challenges facing both strategists and strategy researchers as they address complexities within and beyond the firm. The need for effective engagement in strategy processes across businesses, industries and societies will be examined and the conference will foreground promising areas of theory which might help conceptualize strategy in such complex settings. For example, one focus will be the role of dialogue in both framing and crafting solutions to ???wicked problems?? since this is central to the creation of shared value. Another will be the utility of conceptual apparatus such as complexity theory and systems dynamics which are particularly suited to dealing with complex patterns of interaction within networks and eco-systems. Better strategy and better strategy research will be required to deliver positive impacts in each of the ABC communities that form SMS as well as the broader ecosystems in which these communities exist. Historically, impact has often been conceptualized in terms of dependent variables such as firm performance or growth. Whilst these remain important, there is an urgent need to consider impact in other terms such as sustainability, mutuality, the co-creation of value and the development of compelling joint futures. The Glasgow Special Conference will invite theoretical and empirical contributions which consider engagement, dialogue and impact across diverse, multi-stakeholder contexts and challenging complex problems. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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