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Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group (IMP Group); Corvinus University of Budapest

September 02-04, 2010
26th IMP Conference - Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group
Budapest, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
The IMP's approach offers a suitable response to the growing challenges in the field of economic sciences stemming from the globalization and increasing complexity of business life. Just as the global commercial problems are often solved at the regional or local level, theoretical or methodological solutions to various difficulties are based on approaches valid for certain geographical areas. The complexity of problems emerging in day-to-day business life obviously requires the application of ideas from multiple scholarly disciplines. The IMP approach strives to integrate business marketing, purchasing, logistics, strategic management and the micro- and macro-based research results of technical-economic fields. The annual IMP Conference represents the largest international gathering of researchers and instructors in the field of business marketing, drawing particpants from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The conference sections will deal with both traditional IMP research themes as well as topics of strong current interest such as sustainable development, environmental impact and the impact of developments in information technology on business activity. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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