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International Family Enterprise Research Academy IFERA

June 28-July 01, 2017
IFERA2017 Annual Conference - International Family Enterprise Research Academy
Zadar, Croatia
Topics: - How do family dynamics influence innovation and entrepreneurial behavior of family firms? - How can family firms foster an efficient innovation/entrepreneurial process? - How do family firms deal with different types of innovation (product/service, process, business model, and management innovation)? - How does the stage of the family and/or firm life cycle affect innovation and entrepreneurship in family firms? - How can we "teach" innovation and (corporate) entrepreneurship to family firms? - What can non-family firms learn from the idiosyncratic behavior of family firms regarding innovation and (corporate) entrepreneurship? - How do family firms balance "tradition" and "innovation"? - Why are some family firms able to maintain their innovation propensity and entrepreneurial behavior over generations while others are not? - How do family firms balance exploration and exploitation? - Which role does the family play in laying the grounds for innovation and (corporate) entrepreneurship over generations? - Why and how does the founder imprint the organizational culture for entrepreneurial behavior over generations? - Which theoretical and methodical lenses could help us to further understand the ???tradition and innovation?? paradox? With this topic for the RDW, we target the in-depth discussion of original research papers focusing on different conceptual and empirical approaches to assessing the innovation behavior of family firms from various theoretical perspectives. Furthermore, we welcome multi-disciplinary approaches to further develop the research field. This RDW focuses not only on empirical findings on family firm innovation, entrepreneurial behavior, and theoretical reasons thereof, but also wants to give researchers the possibility to exchange new ideas and build academic alliances. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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