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International Society of Markets and Development ISMD; National Economics University, Hanoi

January 05-08, 2010
11th ISMD International Conference on Markets and Development
Hanoi, National Economics University, Vietnam
The 11th International Conference on Markets and Development has adopted the theme ???BEYOND GLOBAL MARKETS?? to promote examination of markets in an era of advancing globalization. Three broad issues motivated this choice. First, we are in need of theories and empirical evidence that elaborate the dynamics of markets ??? global as well as local - now that the market model prevails globally. Some have said that history stopped when the planned economies collapsed; that now our task is simply a matter of refining the ???market economy.?? Others see no sign of a perfect market - negative outcomes attributed to transnational corporations or to market imperfections more generally often appear in the news. Second, with the increasing adoption of liberal trading and investment regimes, the concept of local embeddedness has increasingly been adopted by scholars of international and domestic business. We hope to attract papers that explore the consequences of embeddedness on local markets; in particular the huge impacts exerted by transnational corporations on local business systems and markets in developing and transition economies. Third, globalization generates many opportunities and threats that our present models do not address. We see a necessary move from adaptation of existing models to creation of new models reflecting emerging contexts and firms. While we hope that good things emerge from the new context, we seek evidence on emerging outcomes based on market as well as other mechanisms. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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