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Middle East Economic Association MEEA; Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI)

March 23-25, 2016
15th International MEEA Conference - Middle East Economic Association
Doha, School of Public Administration and Development Economics of the DI, Qatar
The theme of this conference is "The Impact of Oil Price Changes on the Economic Growth and Development in the MENA Countries". Topics: - What is the impact of oil shocks on economic growth in the MENA region? - Is the impact of oil price on economic development symmetric or asymmetric? - How does economic development react to oil prices under different market conditions? - What are the current and future states of the oil shale industry? - What is the impact of oil shale production on oil prices? - Is there a relationship between rig count and oil production and prices? - What is the impact of oil price drops on MENA's financial markets and exchange rates? - What is the impact of oil price plunge on MENA's terms of trade? - How does the oil price drop affect commodity markets? - How can monetary and fiscal policies in oil exporting countries mitigate the impact of the drastic drop in oil prices in the oil-exporting countries? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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