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European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management EIASM; University of Nicosia

September 11-12, 2015
10th EIASM colloquium on Organizational Change and Development (OCD) "Change Management: Past, Present and Future"
Larnaca, Lordos Hotel, Dhekelia Road, 6305, Cyprus
This year??s colloquium will focus on the past, present and future of OCD. It will seek to promote discussion around: - the origins of OCD theory and practice in order to explore how and where it has been used and with what effect; - the current theoretical, methodological, environmental and political challenges facing the subject of OCD; - possible directions for OCD theory and practice in the future. Topics: - the history of OCD and what we can learn from it; - key influences and influencers on OCD theory and practice; - looking back to understand organisational change failures; - clarifying the objectives of OCD; - case studies of OCD successes; - cost-based perspectives on OCD - new approaches to OCD methodology; - OCD in public, private and third sector organisations: all for one and one for all? - the impact of national policy on OCD interventions; - OCD in international contexts; - religion and OCD theory and practice; - the role of values and ethics in OCD; - OCD and inequality - gender-based perspectives on OCD - the convergence of OD, HRM and HRD activities; - professions and the practice of OCD - the nature of resistance to change during an economic crisis; - OCD in mechanistic and autocratic organisations; - cultural perspectives on OCD; - learning perspectives on OCD; - the use of ICT in OCD interventions; - training and development for OCD practitioners; - the past and future use of consultants in OCD interventions; - what??s next for the future of OCD? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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