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- International Sociological Association Research Committee 21: Sociology of Urban and Regional Development ISA RC2; Japanese Association of Regional and Community Studies; Japanese Association for Urban Sociology; Japan Society for the Promotion of Scie

Dates:December 17-20, 2008
Description:Landscapes of Global Urbanism: Power, Marginality, and Creativity - ISA-RC21 Tokyo Conference
Location:Tokyo, International House of Japan, Japan
Subject:List of Sessions: 1. Transnational Production of Urban Space: Convergent City Forms? 2. Urban Polarization 3. Marginalization and Inequality in Globalizing Cities of Developing Countries 4. Promoting Sustainable Urbanization in Developing Countries 5. Migration Networks in Asia: Their Processes, Structures, and Emergent Communities (Joint Session with Japan Association of Regional and Community Studies) 6. Contemporary Migration to and from China: Trends, Issues, Policy Implications 7. Gendered Space and the City: Place, Communities and Contestations 8. Stratification by Place: The Spatial Distribution of Organizational Amenities across Urban Neighborhoods 9. Place Stratification in a Comparative Perspective 10. Culture, Creativity and Quasi-Markets: Collective Life and Death of Global Cities and Regions 11. Creative Cities in Comparative Perspectives: Industries, Policy, Culture and Networks 12. New Directions in Urban and Regional Regimes 13. Urban Policy in Transformation: Comparative, Transnational and Cross-regional Perspectives 14. Civil Society, Civil Activities and Urban Space: Urban Space and Organizational Resources (Joint Session with ISA RC3 Community Research) 15. Community Solidarity and Institutionalisation of Urban Movements (Joint Session with the Japan Association for Urban Sociology) 16. Reclaiming the Street: Urban Social Movements and New Approaches to Public Space in Cities in Asia 17. Walking the City : Urban Landmarks of Modernity 18. Searching for Common Ground: Intraurban Borderlands from a Global Perspective 19. Disasters, Pandemics, and the Global City: Vulnerability and Risk in the Contemporary Urban Region 20. Landscapes of Tourism, Projects and Events 21. State, Market and Land Use in Chinese Cities in Theoretical and Comparative Perspective 22. The Postsecular City 23. Introductions & Debates over Tokyo: Behind the Citiscape 24. Methods and Methodologies in Urban Studies [gem_ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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