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- Centre for Translation and Contemporary Cultural Studies Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, University of Warwick, UK

Dates:November 11-11, 2005
Description:Translating Terror: Globalisation and the new Planetary Wars
Location:Warwick, United Kingdom
Subject:Uncertainty, insecurity and conflict are constitutive features of globalisation. 9/11 has been viewed as the symbolic unleashing of a new Age of Terror, in which traditional conceptions of national security are shattered and a new kind of global vulnerability emerges. This interdisciplinary conference aims to explore the relationship between globalisation and political violence, to analyse the way that terror has been represented through the global media and to highlight the importance of translation in shaping current discourses on terror. Panels are organised around two main topics: globalisation and political violence, and language and translation in media discourses on terror. [gem╠_╠┘ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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