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European Association of Agricultural Economists; Department of Agricultural Economics at Humboldt-University Berlin; DFG Research Unit ??Structural Change in Agriculture

April 15-16, 2010
114th EAAE Seminar "Structural Change in Agriculture: Modeling Policy Impacts and Farm Strategies" - European Association of Agricultural Economists
Berlin, University Campus of the Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany
The seminar intends to take a fresh look at structural changes of agricultural sectors in developed economies. Structural change is understood in a broad sense. It goes far beyond the change of the number and size of farms and encompasses, for example, changes of production type and structures, technological and institutional changes as well as the dynamics of transactions within food chains with relevance for the structure of the farms. The objective of this seminar is to gain a deeper understanding of the adjustment processes that take place in agriculture. This requires an identification of causalities between exogenous factors, political intervention and farmers' decision making. Such knowledge is an essential precondition to predict and to govern structural change in terms of economic, environmental, and social objectives. The focus of the seminar is on theoretical models and quantitative methods supporting the analysis of structural change. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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