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European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management EIASM Department of Management, University of Bologna; CBS, Copenhagen

October 25-26, 2012
4th Workshop on Managing Cultural Organizations
Bologna, Italy
Topics: - The impact of the financial crisis on arts organizations. - Managing the heritage chain from archaeological discovery to museum access. - National variations and commonalities in managing arts and cultural organizations. - Western-centrism and ???the rest of the world?? : open issues and perspectives. - The role of international agencies and their impact in the preservation/disappearance of local specificities. - Organisational innovation: governance structures, operating mechanisms and social processes. - Professional identity and conflicts between professional groups within the introduction of managerial rhetoric and approaches. - Product quality and economic viability: professional and managerial standards. - The process of social construction of notions of efficiency and effectiveness in art organisations. - Profitability, self-financing, autonomy, or simply accountability: the problematic application of common managerial concepts to arts non-profit organisations. - Human resource management in a new institutional context: threats, fears and opportunities. - Privatisation, outsourcing, re-organisation beyond ideologies. - Partnerships between institutions, local and international ??? and their management. In reality, who leads? - Marketing orientation and the aesthetic point of view. - Value creation in the arts and creative industry. - New trends in the sociology of cultural consumption: the 'Experience Economy', excess capacity and market saturation. - The role of the arts in more broadly-based economic development and renewal. - Externalities, aggregate cost/benefit logic, and the managerial conduct of the individual organisation. - The difficult triangulation: professionals, arts policies and management discourses. - Pitfalls and degenerative impacts of the introduction of managerial and economic views for the survival of arts organisations. - Policies and practices and the issue of the level of analysis: between individual organizations, clusters, and urban and regional developments. - Special track on planning and heritage organizations: a variety of disciplinary approaches. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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