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Research Network ???Re-Configurations. History, Remembrance and Transformation Processes in the Middle East and North Africa?? , Philipps University Marburg, Germany

July 21-22, 2015
International Workshop "Networks of Dependency" "Reconfigurations of clientelism, patronage, and corruption in the Middle East and North Africa"
Marburg, Philipps University Marburg, Germany
We invite theoretical or empirical papers based on single or comparative case studies, as well as cross-country analyses, which address issues pertaining to one or more of the following dimensions: 1. Re-configuring distribution: norm contestation and concepts of state-society relations 2. Re-configuring networks of dependency: strategies and instruments 3. Re-configuring relations between networks of dependency: competition, cooperation, and conflict In most MENA countries, major shifts in these networks of dependency seem to be bound up with processes of privatization and economic liberalization that were launched in the 1970s and 80s, generating losers and winners. Did these processes create new networks that contributed to the destabilization of the established social and political order? Moreover, have new networks appeared in the post-2011 context? Do old and new networks interact, compete or fuse to create new networks? How are the changes between these networks related to center-periphery dynamics? We are particularly interested in the interplay of specific networks, related to both state actors (politicians, state officials, military and security personnel) and non-state actors (private businessmen, NGOs) and how they negotiate their role in society and national economies in order to ensure their benefits in a changing world. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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