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Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India(IISc); Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL)

May 31-June 26, 2010
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Development and the Role of Technology ( CSDRT ) - Second Part
Bangalore, Indian Institute of Sciences, India
Technology has been identified with a host of problems and solutions that are closely linked with aims for sustainable development in lowand middle-income countries. It is an essential enabling feature of globalization, and local applications of technology offer possibilities for building infrastructures and creating opportunities. The impact of new technologies on society and development affects various interests and domains, and the effective and appropriate use of technology requires consideration of social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental contexts and effects. The opportunities and challenges applying the technologies to old problems require the guidance from a new breed of professionals and policymakers who can integrate technological expertise and a clear understanding of its wider ramifications as a guide to strategies for applying technology to the tasks of achieving sustainable development. The first part, organised in partnership with UNITAR, will consist of 6 weeks of e-learning, representing the equivalent of 2 weeks full-time and going from 12 of April 2010 to 21st of May 2010 [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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