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Center for Operations Research and Econometrics CORE, Universit? catholique de Louvain; European Centre for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics ECARES, Universit? libre de Bruxelles

May 26-29, 2015
2015 ECORES Summer School on "Market Power"
Brussels, Universit? libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
In much of economic analysis, market power is assumed away and interactions between firms and consumers are analyzed in a hypothetical situation of perfect competition. Often, this merely serves as a first step in the analysis or it provides a welfare benchmark. Market power is then introduced in the complete analysis with explicit consideration of strategic interaction. In countless situations in economics, it has become inconceivable to study economic interactions without explicitly considering market power. Economic models that incorporate market power resemble actual market interactions more closely. As a result, they are more directly testable and provide a useful framework for empirical work. The invited speakers have been instrumental in conducting and motivating structural empirical analysis. In this line of work, economic models are used to derive estimating equations and to interpret coefficient estimates. It provides a useful complement to reduced form, a-theoretical modes of empirical work. We welcome submissions in all fields of economics. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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