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Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS; Bank for International Settlements BIS

September 05-06, 2011
MAS-BIS joint conference for Property Markets and Financial Stability - Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Bank for International Settlements
Singapore, Singapore
This workshop aims to bring together academic and central bank researchers with practitioners in order to consider policy options for the macroprudential oversight of real estate lending. The aim is to analyse the relationship between property markets, finance and financial stability. The organisers will welcome (but not restrict themselves to) papers, both theoretical and empirical, on the following issues: - The valuation of house prices and commercial real estate prices; - The measurement and assessment of property prices, including the identification of potential real estate bubbles; - Inter-linkages between real estate cycles and credit cycles; - The impact of boom-bust property cycles on the banking sector and financial system stability; - Housing, credit, and the macroeconomy, including households' consumption and saving behaviour. - Lending practices in the real estate market, including loan-to-value constraints and collateral valuation methods; - Property-related investment instruments, including REITs and mortgage-backed securities; - Housing finance system arrangements - including the provision of public housing and government sponsored enterprises - and their impact on the housing market; - The effectiveness of various stabilisation measures in the housing market, including the adoption of macroprudential polices; - The relationship between macroprudential instruments and monetary policy in dealing with asset price imbalances; [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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