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Istituto per la Cultura e Storia d??Impresa ???Franco Momigliano?? (ICSIM); Observatoire Fran?ais des Conjonctures Economiques (OFCE)

September 21-25, 2009
2nd International Summer School on "Policies for Innovation and Growth"
Villago di Piediluco, Terni, Italy
The viability of innovation processes leading to increases in productivity and faster growth depends mainly on the coordination of the accumulation of physical capital and the complementary accumulation of human capital. This will be the theme of this year??s school, with focus on the financial and the human constraints that hamper the required coordination (and their removal), in particular with reference to the skill-biased technical changes that characterize the most innovative general purpose technologies. Contrary to the dominant policy consensus that assigns to macro (fiscal and monetary) policies the task to set just the stable environment for micro structural polizie to actually bring about innovation and growth, it will be stressed that in a systemic phenomenon like innovation, characterized by the interaction of heterogeneous economic agents, macroeconomic policies can have structural effects and vice versa, thus providing an altogether different policy approach to the problem. The exposition of theories and models in the morrnings will be followed in the afternoons by empirical studies and quantitative and econometric analyses in order to provide the students with suitable investigation tools. Theory and analysis will be backed by the results of research work carried out within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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