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- Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development, University of Southampton, UK; Money, Macro, Finance Research Group

Dates:March 06-06, 2013
Description:2nd European Conference on Banking and the Economy (ECOBATE 2013)
Location:Guildhall, Winchester, United Kingdom
Subject:Papers are welcome on theoretical and empirical topics, examining all aspects of recent developments in banking, international banking, finance and banking, and the linkage between banking and the economy, especially, but not exclusively, on the following themes: - Reconsidering banking and its role in the world economy - International issues in banking and financial intermediation - Macro-prudential regulation - Banking crises causes, warning signs and remedies - Bank regulation: goals, tools and lessons - Banks and hedge fund activity - Reconsidering monetary policy in a post-crisis environment - Interest rates and economic growth - The missing link: How to integrate banking into macroeconomic and policy models - Bonuses, incentives and bank performance What makes banks special? - Policy tools to influence bank credit - Weak loan growth caused by weak credit supply or weak demand? - Local banking and relationship banking - Monetary reform and 100% reserve banking [gem_ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
JEL Code:G


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