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Green Economics Institute

November 18-19, 2011
Scientific Workshop / Symposium on: Innovation, Philosophy, Scientific Realism and Methodology in Green Economics: Reworking the meaning of data, facts truth and reality
Oxford, University of Oxford, Oxford University Club and Mansfield College, United Kingdom
Suggested/possible invited topics for discussion (not exhaustive)/Call for papers on the following themes: - Scientific realism in green economics - The importance of shared intentionality in green economics - The role of econometrics in green economics - Pluralism and green economics - Specific examples being addressed include: : RIO+20: almost 20 years has passed from first RIO meeting in 1992; : The Green Development Bank, : Stakeholders and green economics; : Austerity packages - more alienation - less public policy and investment in policehealthcare education; : Risk and resilience of the economy local, regional, national, global in the face of climate change and species extinction; : Increasing poverty, crop failures, hostile climates, refugees and diminishing marginal land and increasing famine; : The economy in times of geopolitical instability; : The role of major sovereign wealth funds; : The future of the Greek economy; The future of Spain, Ireland and Portugal and scenario of downgrading of the US economy and France; : The huge debt of the countries in the west; : The rebuilding of Japan; : Keynes versus Austerity: a debate : Planning steps for and our delegation to the Kyoto Climate Conference, Durban, South Africa, Dec 2011. : Planning for our delegation of The Green Economics Institute to the RIO+20 summit in June 2012 [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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