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European Commission - Economic and Financial Affairs

May 25-26, 2010
Brussels Economic Forum 2010 "Strategies for a post-crisis world: enhancing European growth"
Brussels, Charlemagne Conference Centre, Belgium
The Brussels Economic Forum is one of the European Union??s premier platforms for debate on economic policy issues. The next Brussels Economic Forum will look into the crisis exit strategies as an opportunity to create new sources of growth and enhance EU competitiveness, with a special focus on the key role climate change should play in the post-crisis growth model. Sessions will discuss crucial issues at the top of the agenda: - how are the EU and global economy doing and what is the outlook for economic recovery? - how are industrial sectors hit by the crisis adjusting? - has financial repair worked? - what are the consequences of the crisis for globalisation, in particular for the global financial and monetary system and for global governance? - how can low-carbon growth become a pillar of the post-crisis global model? - what are the structural reforms needed to meet Copenhagen's commitments? how can the financial system help to promote green technologies? - how are public finances coping with the crisis? how should budgetary policies adjust when recovery takes hold? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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