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Dates:January 21-22, 2010
Description:3rd Annual Bancassurance Forum
Location:Vienna, Radisson SAS Palais Hotel, Austria
Subject:Bancassurance is an important trend in European banking. It has become a successful distribution model, catering to a specific type of customer and a specific set of needs. Price, but mostly convenience is a differentiating factor for customers who buy insurance through a bank. Opportunities and possibilities in Bancassurance are endless different insurance products can be tailored and targeted to specific segments based on the knowledge about customers spending patterns. In terms of products, quite a lot of innovation has taken place in the insurance market, to provide more Bancassurance-centric products to satisfy the increasing appetite. Key topics: - Enhance customer satisfaction through value proposition - Accomplish innovation in product offering - Utilize opportunities in product bundling and cross-selling - Achieve sales force excellence - Choose the right Bancassurance model for efficient partnership - Manage financial risks in Bancassurance - Reach operational excellence in Bancassurance - Use technology to provide integrated financial services [gem_ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
JEL Code:G


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