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BSI GAMMA Foundation, Lugano

December 04-04, 2008
BSI GAMMA Foundation Conference "Pension economics and finance"
Lugano, Switzerland
Topics: - What are good approaches to measure the shortfall risk for individuals and pension plans? - What are appropriate models to measure long-run expected returns, volatilities, and correlations for retirement assets? - How good are individuals at saving for retirement and at managing their retirement assets? - Which financial innovations could help individuals and/or pension funds in investing retirement assets? - Is regulation of pension providers and products appropriate? - How should companies account for pension assets and liabilities? - How should pension funds forecast expected future liabilities and their volatility? - What is the role of integrated asset and liability models? - What is the appropriate tax treatment of retirement savings? - Is the European system flexible enough to accommodate increased labour mobility? - Which countries have the most successful models for retirement savings and investments? - What is the role of equity investments for pension funds? - What are the optimal strategies to cope with inflation risk for retirement assets? - What is the optimal approach to invest wealth at retirement? - How important is longevity risk? What are the optimal hedging vehicles? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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