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Centre for Economic Performance CEP; National Institut of Economic and Social Research NIESER; British Academy

May 26-26, 2011
NIESR, CEP & British Academy Workshop "The Economics of Share Ownership and Incentive Pay: Findings and Policy Implications"
London, Centre for Economic Performance, United Kingdom
Although studies suggest value to firms investing in share schemes and incentive pay schemes the evidence is not clear-cut. It seems share ownership, in particular, operates best in combination with other HR and compensation policies, while individual incentive pay schemes have the clearest benefits in terms of labour productivity. Is the evidence on the economic gains from share schemes and gain-sharing about right, or has the empirical evidence yet to catch up with the reality on the ground? Perhaps we need better ways to identify the real impact of complex incentive schemes, or perhaps firms are looking at factors other than "the bottom line" when investing in such schemes? Tax breaks make a big difference to firms' propensity to use share schemes yet they adopt individual incentive pay without them. What does this tell us about group-based compensation schemes, and what is the net cost to tax payers? The purpose of this seminar is to bring together academics and policy makers to consider findings from recent studies and their policy implications. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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