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Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics; Istanbul Association of Economists

May 13-14, 2010
Istanbul International Summit of Economists - II ???POST-GLOBAL CRISIS ECONOMIC POLICIES??
Istanbul, Turkey
The scope of the summit will cover the following sub-headings: - Critique of Neo-Liberal Globalization and Counterclaims - Restructuring the Financial System - Efficient Market Management and Transparent, Auditable, Accountable Institutional Transformation - Restructuring Global Financial Institutions and their Changing Roles - Transition towards Strategic Economic Policies: New Strategic Openings in Industry and Foreign Trade - Central Bank Policies and the Role of Central Banks in Regaining Macro-economic Stabilization - Transition to Demand-led Policies and Efficiency of Fiscal Policies - Political, Social and Moral Limitations in the Effectiveness and Controllability of the Market System: Market Ethics - Effective Expansion to Foreign Markets in Micro-scale and Adjustment Policies in a Competitive Environment - Policies Enhancing Resistance against Economic Shocks and Efficiency of National Economic Power Dynamics - Regulation and Effective Management of Domestic Balances during Expansion to Foreign Markets - Political Risks and Transition to Sustainable Growth-Led Economic Reforms - Human Capital, Information Technologies and Transition to Entrepreneurship-Innovation-Based Development - Employment-Led Growth and Sectoral Policies and Combat Strategies against Unemployment - Injustice in Income Distribution as a Cause of Market Failure ??? Poverty Problem and Policies Reducing Poverty - Regional Development and the Active Role of the State in Eliminating Inter-regional Differences [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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