TeX Macros for Economics

Since I am not a TeX user, let me defer to George Greenwade , who is. In fact, he is an expert. This section was written by George and I simply copied, with a bit of editing, from his posting to the Usenet newsgroup sci.econ.research as archived by Forrest Smith.

The TeX macros written by Hal Varian, known as "VerTeX" (for Visualize Economic Reports in TeX; release 1.0 of August, 1987) are available for ftp retrieval from the site given below.

I have to stress that these are NOT LaTeX styles; they are TeX macros. VerTeX's syntax differs somewhat from the more standard LaTeX-type commands; however, the syntax used in VerTeX is consistent throughout VerTeX (and, as an occasional user, I feel comfortable in saying they are relatively easy to follow, understand, and use). The file set is pretty well documented and demonstrated. Varian has very roughly hinted that he might have an interest at some later date in rewriting these to use LaTeX and BibTeX (probably after the release of LaTeX3 -- since I am quite involved in that project, I feel safe in telling you not to hold your breath on LaTeX3; I'll be surprised if it's out before 1996).

The present Visualize Economic Reports in TeX styles include:

  • jpe.sty --- Journal of Polemical Economy
  • jep.sty --- Journal of Economic Perspectives
  • jet.sty --- Journal of Economic Theorems
  • aer.sty --- Armenian Economic Review
  • ecnmet.sty --- Economagica
  • restud.sty --- Review for Economic Students
  • qje.sty --- Quartered Journal of Economics
  • I'll assume that you can figure out which of these look like what "real" journals. When you use one of these styles, VerTeX will automatically adjust the style of the document and the style of the references to be more-or-less consistent with the journal style. Some fine tuning may be needed, but the output generally looks pretty good.



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