Global Financial Data

This database claims to have the most extensive collection of financial and economic data with more than 6,500 series from 150 countries. In addition, the data is very long term -- some dates back centuries, and total return data starts in 1900. Individual files can be purchased on-line, or one can sign up for a complete access.

Their data is broken up into the following groups:

Long-term Financial Database:

  • Consumer Price Indices
  • Wholesale Price Indices
  • Exchange Rates
  • Futures and Commodity Prices
  • Interest Rate Database: 
  • Discount Rates
  • Eurocurrency Rates
  • Interbank Offer Rates
  • Private Discount Rates
  • Government Bond Yields
  • Corporate Bond Yields
  • Deposit Rates
  • Lending Rates
  • Money Market Rates
  • Treasury Bill Yields
  • Bond Prices and Daily Interest Rates
  • United States Daily Stock Market Database:
  • Dow Jones Averages
  • Standard and Poor's Indices
  • New York Stock
  • Exchange Indices
  • American Stock Exchange Indices
  • NASDAQ and Over-the-Counter Indices
  • Global Stock Market Database:
  • Stock Market Indices
  • Total Return Indices (The Total Return Database)
  • Stock Market Yields
  • P/E Ratios
  • Total Return Database:
  • Total returns on stocks, bonds, and bills for every major country in the world
  • Annual Database Collection (Long-term financial data for the following topics):
  • Government Bond Yields and Discount Rates
  • Dividend Yields and P/E Ratios
  • Total Returns on Stocks, Bonds and Bills
  • Global Stock Market Indices
  • Capitalization, Shares Traded, and Number of Firms Listed
  • Consumer Price Indices
  • Wholesale and Producer Price Indices
  • Exchange Rates
  • Population by Country
  • Imports, Exports and Trade Balances
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • United States Personal Income Tax Rates
  • Dow Jones Intraday Database:
  • Hourly data from 1932, and half-hourly from 1987


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