Global Insight

Global Insight is the latest incarnation of a series of mergers of long-respected economic information services, most recently DRI*WEFA, and before that DRI and WEFA (formerly, Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates and Chase Econometrics). They have over 500 employees and 30 offices worldwide, and they support over 3,000 clients.

Their offerings come in four major categories: Data and Software, Economic Analysis, Industry Analysis, and Consulting. Their data holdings are vast (financial, macro, U.S. regional, world, etc.). They can deliver data on a daily or on a more frequent basis to one's web site or database. They provide economic analysis for every possible entity: regions in the world, countries, U.S. regional, foreign exchange, international trade, and world markets. Their industry analysis covers 12 industries as well as background information. Finally, they offer consulting services in many industries.


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