Foster Associates

This 40-year-old economic consulting firm provides information and analyses for the U.S. economy, states, metro areas, and the natural gas and electricity industries. These reports are freely available. The "Economic Insight/Macro edition" "offers insight into current macroeconomic conditions, business cycle developments, and long term economic trends and issues. It surveys both real and financial sectors of the U.S. economy and provides a quarterly GDP forecast with detailed explanations of forecast assumptions and risks." This material is updated weekly, monthly, and quarterly. They also offer detailed analyses of the current economy. "The State and Metro area editions of the Foster Forecast provide economic analysis and performance measures for all 50 states and over 350 metro areas in the U.S., including relative income and wage levels, employment growth and volatility, and employment, income, and location quotients by major industry." The state and metro area information is updated annually. Detailed analyses, population, income, and employment forecasts are available for a fee for all states, counties and metro areas. Currently only examples from some areas are available. Other areas will be added in the future. (David Carrier kindly looked over this entry.)


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