Market Design Inc. (MDI)

"Market Design Inc. offers consulting services in the design of auction markets. Our principals are academic experts in economic theory and game theory, and have advised governments and firms worldwide on setting up electronic markets for telecommunications, electricity, mineral rights, and 'stranded assets.'" This site lists members of the firm, and provides downloadable technical papers and reports. MDI is also involved in designing auction rules tailored to particular auction sales. Along with Charles River Associates, they create software which enables clients to implement their designs. Some projects include spectrum auctions in Australia, Mexico, Canada, and for the FCC; California Power Exchange; Standard Offer Service Auction Design and Implementation; Universal Service Auctions; and designs for New Zealand. They are also involved in giving strategic advice to bidders in spectrum auctions; and in spectrum license valuations. However, they do not advise bidders and sellers in the same auction.


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